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Principal and Vice Principals Leadership Styles Research Paper

Head and Vice Principals Leadership Styles - Research Paper Example Instructive administration can be depicted through the administration and initiative hypotheses. Shrub (2003) distinguished different models that portray the two primary hypotheses. The administration hypothesis can be characterized into six models that incorporate; formal, collegial, political, abstract, vulnerability, and social models. The six models that depict initiative speculations in training the board incorporate; the ethical model, possibility administration, value-based and administrative authority, the post-current just as participative authority styles. The proper models depict a various leveled plan in the administration structure. In this model, the school heads treat the foundation as a framework where organization is looked after (Bush, 2002). There is an arrangement of guidance which is generally top-down while revealing must follow the different positions to the top. This model is obvious in Matador High School. The chief is the general head and the second in comma nd reports to him. The VP goes about as a center level director in contemporary associations, overseeing the school personnel, however he also has a few exercises that he instructs. All educators are responsible to the standard and have execution focuses on that are set for the achievement of the general objective of the school. The conventional administration structure is coordinated with the administrative authority of the head. This is an administration style where directors are centered around their motivation in helping the association to achieve their destinations. They guarantee that all procedures are practiced by plan and that each individual is in the assigned spot at the ideal time (Cheng, 2002). Administration in Matador was top down with the instructors being relied upon to carry on and achieve assignments as indicated by the spread out techniques in the school.â â

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Discuss the ways in which Jonathon Swift Essay Example for Free

Talk about the manners by which Jonathon Swift Essay He says that men wouldnt offer to beat or kick [their wives] during their season of pregnancy inspired by a paranoid fear of an unnatural birth cycle. Orwells composing is about death, a point that would not as a rule have been talked about in the conversational way he employments. The utilization of overstatement in Swifts composing adds to the feeling of shock felt by the peruser. In A Modest Proposal, he doesnt basically express that we ought to eat babies, however continues endlessly with progressively grim thoughts. He proposes plans and even prescribes excoriating the remains to make honorable gloves what's more, summer boots, which is all just loathsome to the peruser. In Gullivers Travels he broadly expounds on the most disturbing of substantial capacities as in Lilliput where he can't avoid placing in that his dung was taken away in handcarts. Orwell doesnt misrepresent in How The Poor Die yet just underlines and repeats his point on the dishonorable absence of regard appeared for the lives of poor people. There are a few sentences and expressions that Swift uses in an easygoing, impudent way that incite aversion the peruser. For instance he discusses the twenty thousand bodies as though they were steers and he discusses newborn child tissue similarly that somebody may discuss sheep. The possibility that infants ought to be eaten at joyful gatherings, especially weddings and christenings is particularly sickening. In Gullivers Travels the language is rarely coarse and the topic isnt as unrealistic as in A Modest Proposal, yet it is as yet revolting to the peruser. For instance, to peruse of how the Yahoos would outsider their pioneers most loved and afterward release their fertilizers upon him from head to foot. Orwell is unmistakably more unobtrusive than Swift, deciding to avoid the filthy and essentially state what he sees. He depicts a case into which pieces of food and grimy dressings from the ward were flung. This normally repulses the peruser, particularly all things considered in an emergency clinic. He likewise decides to focus on the upsetting the perusers sentiments instead of their stomach. The appalling thought of a demise not saw till the morning upsets me in an alternate manner to Swifts composing. Both Swift and Orwell sicken the peruser by causing them to go up against some of people groups most exceedingly terrible feelings of trepidation. Quick arrangements with the grisly idea of barbarianism, and Orwell examines two extremely regular feelings of dread: neediness and undignified passing. One of the most exceedingly awful, as I would like to think is the infringement and absence of regard for the dead. The detail with which Swift depicts his thought is cooling, the precise count of figures is likewise upsetting. As he legitimizes it, it appears the thought could nearly be sensible, all things considered, he has taken something that is totally adequate for us to do to creatures, and supplanted it with babies. In the event that it werent for the unpleasant, negative tone of his composition and the cynical cleverness that gets through, the peruser can imagine how he really needed to eat kids. Close to the finish of How The Poor Die, Orwell alludes to the poor having their teeth extricated with no sedative. This would inspire an emotional response from numerous perusers as an enormous number of individuals will have had a tooth separated sooner or later in their lives and would have the option to identify straightforwardly with the people in question. In Gullivers Travels the disgusting areas appear to be all the more cheerful as it were, than the other two pieces. I discover Gulliver genuinely depicting upsetting procedures a bit of sickening, somewhat amusing, however not upsetting. I believe that the appalling segments in Gullivers Travels are less significant than those in A Modest Proposal and How The Poor Die. I think that its hard to pick whose approach is progressively compelling as the two journalists are very extraordinary. The two of them had social souls: Swift was a senior member and Orwell an early communist, anyway I get the feeling that Swift is angrier about neediness and it appears in the unimaginable idea of his composition. Orwell doesnt appear as enthusiastic as Swift, as he doesnt utilize such emotive language and writes in an unpolished, level way. All in all, I discover Swift increasingly viable. This is most likely due to the over the top, hostile nature of what he has written in A Modest Proposal. I believe that by writing in this engaging manner and entertaining the peruser he is more powerful than Orwell.

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Peruse in your reading material or in some other accessible asset on the subject of Verb BE. 3. Compose an individual promotion depicting yourself, exercises you do, interests, where you work, where do you live, and so on. Concentrate on a few inquiries accessible in Appendix A to compose your advertisement. 4. Carry the advertisement to class. Prep-04-26-04 Carmen L. Lambda, De-D. 7 program O'Hara 5. Complete some exploration on somebody well known. Think about an individual you might want to meet and do some examination on the Internet on that individual. It could be a competitor, and on-screen character or on-screen character, or the president. Ensure you have enough data on this individual. Exercises 1. Ice breaker action will be conveyed out.In request to do this, have understudies perused their promotions. Request that understudies tune in to the promotions and have them write down any closeness or striking actuality they might want to hear progressively about. After everybody peruses their advertisement, have understudies get going about the room and get some information about explicit subtleties they thought were intriguing. Let them speak among themselves. . From that point forward, have understudies talk about something they discovered or considered the individuals they conversed with. Facilitator can take an interest in this action. 3. Facilitator gives an outline of the course. Specific accentuation ought to be put on destinations, assessment standards, understudy interest, and gathering work.If any progressions are made to the reviewing assessment measures, these ought to be given recorded as a hard copy to the understudy and the workplace program during the main workshop. 4. Examine assessment rules. 5. Select Student Representative. 6. Advise understudies they are going to survey the letter set and above all else audit in sequential order request. Reveal to them you are going to give every understudy a card. Each card has the name of an alternate creature, or thing. Request that understudies take a gander at their card, yet mention to nobody what they have. By acting (strolling, acting, or making seems) like the creature or thing they ought to circumvent the room and attempt to put themselves in right sequential order.Facilitator ought to make his/her own rundown of things and creatures, however these are a few models: a. Kangaroo b. Ostrich c. Tiger d. Bear 8 e. Clock f. Snake g. Feathered creature h. Train 7. Furnish understudies with around 10 minutes to attempt to sort themselves one after another in order. When understudies are arranged, have them perused out their card. Did they take care of business? Make certain to audit any ordering addresses they may have. 8. Present understudies with a survey of the VERB BE in current state. Am from Mexico City (l am) What's your name? (What is) My name is Maria Where are you from? 9. Have understudies pair up. Request that understudies meet one another, ensuring every understudy gets the name, telephone number and address of the individual he/she is meeting. 10.Have understudies present the individual by giving the subtleties mentioned (telephone number, name, and address). Have them utilize the expressions: This is (name). His/Her location is His/Her telephone number . 11. As understudies state the data help them and guide them to state the addresses and telephone numbers accurately focusing on the numbers and on utilizing the action word be effectively. 12. Have understudies again pair up. Facilitator should have a go at matching them up with somebody diverse each time. Request that they settle on a celebrated individual they might want to meet. This renowned individual could be a competitor, entertainer, on-screen character, or president. Utilize the examination you did preceding the workshop. 13. Review a meeting for that well known person.Have One of the understudies depict the acclaimed individual and have the other individual be the questioner. Prac tice your meeting and present the pretend to the class. Make certain to utilize action word be accurately. 9 14. Have understudies total the task introduced in Appendix B. Understudies should turn in during the following (Workshop 2). (Indication: Make duplicates of the task and turn in once you complete it. 15. Offer a see of Workshop 2 and talk about up and coming schoolwork. With the end goal for understudies to finish the schoolwork, request that they work in gatherings. Ensure the structure of the gathering has been chosen before they leave the study hall. Request that they furnish you with a rundown with the gathering individuals. Gatherings ought not have multiple understudies.

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Critical Thinking Essay The Best Ways Of Self-Development

BLOG In: Popular topics Also in this section: Write My Thesis Statement In The Shortest Time Check My Essay For Errors Get The Help Editing Essays It Is Easier Than You Think Selling Essays: Find Your Essay Choose Product In The Best Essay Writing Company 7 Writing Troubles That Online Essay Editor Can Fix All Types Of Essays Written For You How Can I Rewrite My Paper Write My Essay Quickly And Cheap Type An Essay And Check The Result In this what is critical thinking essay will be described the best way for you to erase the borders of your mind to become more open-minded person. Many people think that there is nothing unusual in critical thinking because we use it almost every day. But we often try to stay away from this and even avoid it. However, the quality of our lives, our deeds depend on the quality of our thinking. Wrong thinking sometimes even affects the quality of our lives. Critical thinking, can, in turn, systematically evolve. Best custom essay services with the best writing team to elaborate paper for you. Definition. Critical thinking is a type of reflection that helps individual to absorb all the information, select the necessary ones and use it in case if he or she faces some problem. Phd thesis writing services will help you graduate successfully. We live in the world of communication and information. The information is everywhere the main source of this one is the internet. Thus, it is an easy way for government and other governing institutions to lie people about the latest events and even historical ones. If you want to absorb all the information, process it without being lied, you should develop critical thinking. This is your special super power that allows you to be smarter than others. Hesitate whether ti order or not, follow the link to check our price policy. Most of the people listen to the news and believe every word. It is easy to manipulate such people. In such a way, a government tries to control our minds, decreasing the level of education growing the nation of followers. Following the set of simple rules described in this essay, you will easily increase your intellectual level and become more interesting collocutor. The last but not the least reason to develop your critical thinking is a simple interest. Imagin e, how many interesting things you dont know about yet will open their doors for you. There are many ways to make your life brighter and this is one of the most interesting ones. Buy cheap custom research papers written with regard to all the academic standards. A person with well-developed critical thinking: Conversation with you will always be interesting because you possess much interesting information; You use the information received and extract only useful one for yourself; You can make reasonable conclusions from the information received; Your mind is not limited by the stereotypes and false informational sources; Collaboration with other can lead to successful solutions of certain problems. Everyone tries to develop rules of behavior for themselves that would allow him or her to maneuver in the informational flow, without picking up too harmful mental viruses along the way. Some people do it carefully and constantly, others do not pay much attention to mind protection and prefer to drift smoothly down the stream. But it would be wiser to be guided by at least a primitive technique of security - the rules of thinking, which can be used consciously and systematically. We all live in the world of broad possibilities and you can earn money on everything, on YouTube for example Usually, we cant just agree with a certain statement. "There's something wrong here" - we think, and we decide that it's better to stay away from these statements. Critical thinking skills help to substantiate our criticism put forward our own arguments and understand what exactly is wrong with the statement under question. Dont destroy your family, read about horrible consequences of divorce What does it mean to think critically and can we develop such skills in this essay on critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is one of the basic academic higher education disciplines in many English-speaking countries. Students are taught to read texts carefully, to show methodical doubt (that is, according to Descartes, to find out what is "logically possible to doubt"), find weaknesses in both others' and their own arguments, work with notions, clearly and reasonably express their thoughts. Do my essay due tomorrow if you are out of time. An important component of such training is the ability to ask the right questions. They pay much more attention to such questions in contradistinction to other educational systems. Pay for an essay with A+ mark, save your time and get the result you need. Critical thinking as an academic discipline is based on the rules of formal logic, theory and practice of argumentation, rhetoric and scientific epistemology (a section of philosophy that deals with instruments and limitations of cognitive activity). One of the prominent theoreticians in this field was Karl Popper, who considered critical thinking to be the basis of all rationality. Knowledge, according to Popper, does not exist without the practice of putting forward hypotheses, their justification or refutation. There is nothing about the source of information: only the method and the relation to the original data are important. Pay someone to do my custom essay to decrease the risk to make many mistakes while writing. As stated in one of the main manuals on critical thinking, which is called "Asking the Right Questions," there are two ways of thinking used by all of us. You can absorb all the surrounding information like a sponge. This way is simple enough and necessary for everyone: only after having obtained a sufficient number of facts, it is possible to make any point meaningful. Free your paper from chains of plagiarism with this essay A person who chose the first way of thinking will try to memorize any material as correctly as possible, without missing a single detail. He recreates the way passed by an author, but does not evaluate and does not consider them critically. This is not about learning by heart and retelling the original text: this approach can also be quite useful. But you stay within the given field limited instead of breaking the chains and moving on. We will write you an essay within 24 hours with prefect grammar so you could get A mark. Another way is similar to sifting the sand in search of gold. It requires active interaction with the knowledge that you absorbed. Independent thinking without this mechanism would be impossible, all your opinions would be determined by the things youve heard and read for the last time. Assignment service help in UK with the best native-speaker writers. People who search the truth among a scrap of numbers and figures knows that there is nothing about remembering things you should evaluate, consider and extract only important information. For this purpose, it is necessary to shift this problem from the unconscious to the conscious one. What do we actually do when we try to argue and disagree with someone else's position? Check best essays papers site with the lowest prices on the internet. Sometimes even the most intelligent and enlightened people are eager to simplify certain issues. This is often associated with the division of the opinions into "one's own" and "another's" - this is the basis for building a significant part of our everyday social experience, in which there is a place for domestic racism, sex discrimination, and intellectual snobbery. Try to relax and calm down with this essay on Another mistake that often underlies our false conclusions is the myth of "right answers". Many questions really do have a single relatively accurate answer. For example, there is no need to discuss what the distance to the moon is - you can just find out in the guidance. But most questions require painstaking considering, and the answers could be quite different. Therefore, it is not enough just to rely on a reliable source: it is necessary to evaluate how convincingly the given data is argued and to try to build your own chain of reflection. Get college assignments help online with 24/7 support representative. Reading is the key to the development of critical thinking. This is the most important approach to develop your critical thinking. There is a very good phrase stating that the more languages you know, the more lives you live. The new language is not only the combination of words and word-combinations; this is the whole new culture that contains a lot of interesting features and secrets. Pay to do assignment at low price to save much of your time. It is impossible to learn any language without acquainting with the traditions and even mindset of native speakers. The second major reason to learn languages is the history of native speakers. Even a small historical introduction is necessary to study a language appropriately. All the historical events will tell you about the development of this language, what factors led to what we have today. The more you know, the more you have. Follow the link if you are searching for homework essay help. As far as you know, the basis of critical thinking is grounded in analyzing all the data you absorb and there are also a lot of tips you should know. First of all, any text written or spoken orally - should contain some basic elements that help the author to share his ideas appropriately and be understood. The list of the best history books so you could stop wasting time and find out something interesting. Of course, in the texts of the media or our everyday conversations, we actually dont use them. But if we want to conduct a meaningful conversation, with the certain conclusions, at least we should pay attention to how the arguments are built. The major elements are listed below. This list can be used as a guide, that can help you to build you chain of argument to prove your point of view. The most mysterious facts form the biography of Emily Dickinson 1. Point Any text is written or pronounced with a specific purpose. What is the audience of the author; in what does he try to convince the audience? If you try to write your own text, read it a couple of times to understand whether you reached your major purpose or not. The topic you are writing about has to be intellectually valuable so it could serve its purpose. Academic assignment writers in our team can save much of your time, place your order. 2. Problem The problem underlies not the questions author decided to neglect, but the ones he intends to answer. It is necessary to separate clear and understandable issues, from ones that have to be considered from different angles. In addition, major issues need to be divided into smaller parts so as not to go into empty abstractions. If you want to represent your ideas appropriately, use these 10 ways to explain things. 3. Assumptions These are the issues that are taken for granted by the author. Unconscious assumptions can put an author or an audience in an embarrassing situation. When we write or read something, we have to think about what these assumptions are and how fair they are. Pay to write paper at a low cost to get the highest quality. 4. Point of view We all look at things from limited and subjective points of view. It is almost impossible to achieve absolute objective point of view because we all consider different problem from various angles and each of us has its own image "The trick of God". This is the claim to complete and unbiased knowledge remains precisely an unfair trick: this is simply not enough resources for us to achieve knowledge of this level and quality. Need professional essay help, follow the link and place your order. 5. Data Any statement must be based on relevant facts, that is, subject-related data. For example, talking about the harm of genetically modified food, it is necessary to refer to scientific studies or some popular scientific paper, without referring to the opinions of ignorant people whose lack of knowledge doesnt enable them to make some scientific conclusions. We also need to check whether the data cited refers to the problem that we are considering. You should not be afraid, you can overcome any fear following this tips 6. Concepts and ideas Concepts are thinking tools, without which we cannot reflect anything. No matter how we want to talk about "real things", we always have artificial models and made up concepts. The only problem is that they must be correctly and clearly defined - this is the key difference between objective knowledge and opinions and subjective observations. How to create a winning business idea to beat down your rivals. 7. Conclusions and Interpretations These are the ways we use to extract a point from the large amount data. Note that there is often another way to process the same information. Sometimes there is not enough data to make a meaningful conclusion. In this case, it is better to say about it directly than to promote unreasonable assumptions. Make my essay better with the team of professional writers. 8. Consequences What will happen if we take the author's main points and conclusions seriously? What are the positive and negative consequences of agreeing and disagreeing with him or her? Often you can see that reasonable arguments can cause controversial or meaningless consequences. Sample of English narrative essay written by one of our best writers. There are also a lot of ways to develop your critical thinking since all the information or skills you have will help you to solve the faced problem, evaluate the knowledge you have, see the situation from different angles. Best college essay samples will help you to understand how it works. This is the list of the most interesting activities that will help you: 1. Learn foreign languages. The books are the straight way to the intellectual development. There are millions of books on a great variety of topics. If you think that books are not for you, you havent found something interesting yet. Learning a new language essay special tips for you to learn language quickly and effectively. Try to read some classical novels, autobiographies of celebrities where they share their own experience so you could avoid their mistakes in future, historical books that will tell you interesting stories about the past but you should be careful with this books because usually the historical facts and dates were changed, thus you have to take many sources (three or even more) to get the right information. Each novel and each book represent the certain period, a certain mindset of people, and their preferences, beliefs and desires. There is an easy way for you to learn languages, 10 tips and tricks to learn any language within a month. 2. Watch a lot of movies You shouldnt underestimate movies as a part of the culture. Usually, directors try to create something new and extraordinary and you can enjoy the well-developed plot, magnificent performance of actors and emotions that only movies can make you feel. There are also rare occasions when a plot is based on a certain novel and it appears to be even better than the book. It is a difficult task to see what is covered in the pages and make it clear for us, audience. Reading is good, it is necessary to be interested in all the cultural aspects of life and movies take a crucial place on this list. Type your essay online at a favorable price to please your mentor. 3. Go to the theaters It is hard to explain that wonderful feeling when you watch the actors play right in front of you, on the stage. Sometimes, you hear their voice trembling, their hands are shaking but this is for real. Since almost all the plays have no cinematographic background and you wont be able to see it on the big screen, it would be great to find some free time and go to the theater. Dont have extra time to write your paper? Pay someone to write an essay at a cheap price. 4. Play the musical instruments You may have a question why musical instruments. First of all, this is a great part of cultural development. Did you notice, that almost in all privilege schools children study music? Playing any musical instrument makes you more attentive and more painstaking. Moreover, your ear training will be on the highest level and your singing skills will increase too. Choose the instrument you like and start training and soon enough you will see the result. Native-speaking research paper writers can handle with any paper. 5. Creativity training The creativity is the key to success for the development of critical thinking. First of all, you should try to write something. It could be short stories or long novels, little poems or even your private diary. If writing is not for you, try to paint something. Best essay motivation for those who want to find his/her muse. The first picture will be far from being perfect but after some time, you will get the necessary result. Get together with your friends and place some intellectual games. All these activities are intended to open the borders of your mind, make it think faster, create new fresh ideas. The more you do the better result you have. If critical thinking is just another way of solving problems, creativity will be a very useful gun in your thinking arsenal. Programs that develop creative people if you are looking for something unusual. 6. Memory You should remember all the information you receive so you could use it in case any case. Thats why you should always try to develop it by all means. What is the profit from the data you cant even remember? We always return to the reading. Try to read as much as you can, learn poems by heart and so on. Having learned something new, discuss it with your friends or relatives so the most important information stuck in your brain once and for all. Boost you memory like a USA memory champion with this simple exercises. So what is critical thinking? Is this the way our brain process the information we receive from different sources and extract only necessary information for us. But what is necessary information? Maybe this is the one our mind considers to be crucial thus the information extract is always different for every individual. Essays on helping others will help you to understand how to change this world. First, because our tastes and interests are very different and all we see and hear we absorb only in case if we are interested. Any problem has a different point of view, various angles and ways of its solution and critical thinking helps us to be maximally objective, considering all the facts, all the data we have to evaluate the way out. Have your essay written for you, do not waste your time for this. Unfortunately, not all the information in free access is truthful. Youve heard about the transparency of the government. In case, if you dont know, it is the right for any person to get any files or any information concerning governmental issues but who guarantees that the data you received is reliable? Dont forget, there are always some reliable information sources we can trust, some witness or via comparing a couple of sources you can extract the truth piece by piece. Sample of argumentative essay so you could avoid widespread mistakes we all do. Critical thinking is your weapon in the world of ignorance and lie. There is nobody who will do it for you, who will think for you and tell you what is right and what is wrong. With such skill you will be capable of anything, it is only up to you, hold the course or step away. Your love story essay begins here. Popular posts: What Is Justice Essay: What Is Wrong Or What Is Right? Terrorism Essay: Where Does Terrorism Come From? Global Ecological Issues In Environmental Essay Heroism Essay: What Does It Mean To Be A Hero? Essay On Multiculturalism: Why Does This Approach Fail? Legalization Of Cannabis Essay: Advantages And Disadvantages Transgender Essay: How To Transit Into The Opposite Sex? Essay About Race: Description And Features Of Races Collect Your Money With The Essay About Money Essay About Homework Do It Quickly

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Different Modes And Types Of Bullying - 1298 Words

An important subject that is affecting a broader amount of people today, especially our youth, is bullying. Bullying is a continuous growing field that is being examined constantly due to its complexity. An important and well known website named unleashed factual information that helps, as well educates families on this topic: â€Å"In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Department of Education released the first federal uniform definition of bullying for research and surveillance †¦ there are many different modes and types of bullying. The current definition acknowledges two modes and four types by which youth can be bullied or can bully others. The two modes of bullying include direct (e.g., bullying that occurs in the presence of a targeted youth) and indirect (e.g., bullying not directly communicated to a targeted youth such as spreading rumors) †¦ the four types of bullying include broad categories of physical, verbal, relational (e.g., efforts to harm the reputation or relationships of the targeted youth), and damage to property.† Nowadays, schools and private assemblies are working together to talk to students and parents to minimize the instances of bullying by persistently educating them on the effects of bullying and actual instances that have happened around the world. The world is evolving rapidly each and every day through research and there still seem to be many questions unanswered but through each experience of bullying there are new questionsShow MoreRelatedThe s School Of Thought1011 Words   |  5 PagesFinally, archetypes, such as particular models of people and behaviours, can influence the actions of bullying vividly, as many types of ideas are present within the unconscious mind that are common to our ancestors (Haskings-Winner et al., 2011). Depending on the circumstances, some of these universal aspects may be expressed more profoundly, which include negative behaviours. In the case of bullying, some of these archetypes may unconsciously influence an individual to bully someone else in the firstRead MoreCyberbullying: The New Form Of Bullying. When Sending Our1661 Words   |  7 PagesCyberbullying: The New Form of Bullying When sending our children to school we expect them to be able to learn without distractions, but bullying makes that impossible. Bullying has been recognized as a problem for school children globally. In fact, school bullying has proven to be a risk factor for suicide, which has been identified as one of the top causes of death among teens (Erick Messias, 2014). Now that bullying and its importance has been acknowledged as a critical concern, several preventionRead MoreCyber Medi The Virtual War1094 Words   |  5 PagesCyber-bulling: The Virtual War Bullying is a term that most of us recognize. We have either experienced it first hand or been a witness to it. Due to the precedent of today’s technology and the high speed Internet, bullying has evolved into a virtual war zone and the casualties, unfortunately are our youths. As stated by Cross, Dooley, and Pyzalski (2009) cyber-bullying by definition is â€Å"an aggressive, intentional act carried out by a group or individual, using electronic forms of contact, repeatedlyRead MoreBullying And Its Effects On Society Essay1166 Words   |  5 Pagesdefines bullying as â€Å"A person being exposed repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons† (Kaiser Rasminsky, 2012, p. 253). According to Smith (2016) â€Å"The main types of bullying have been verbal, physical, indirect relational (rumor spreading) and social exclusion (which can be direct or indirect)† (p. 400) Bullying is an issue that continues to plague school and f amilies. Often, literature is used by teachers to open the conversation about bullying and beingRead MoreSocial Networking Sites Are Beneficial Or Harmful?1713 Words   |  7 Pagesadults. They have become such an important part of the lives of the younger crowd that older generations refer to them as â€Å"the wired generation† (Jacobsen, 2011). Many question whether or not this new â€Å"wired generation† is positive of negative. Different people have varying opinions on the ideas of using social networking sites. Some people who have positive opinions believe that they are beneficial because they give individuals the opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends and they haveRead MoreSuicide Is A Problem For Our Younger Generation Essay1339 Words   |  6 PagesSuicide has different faces. The faces of neglection, depression, oppression, and even the means of abjection. Not only does suicide affect the victim but also the people who love and cherish them. Suicide is real . It is a problem for our younger generation. Suicide is the third leading cause of teens ranging from age twelve to twenty four (journal of school health). â€Å"For every completed suicide there are about 25 attempted suicides and an even greater number of individuals exhibiting nonfatal suicidalRead MoreFacebook : Networking And Societal Impact1475 Words   |  6 Pagesthat any individual can join, comment, create new identities, and compete. The behaviors of players may also change from pleasant to aggressive without affecting the mode of the game. The tests appeared to prove that many young individuals do not have a problem communicating and challenging each other over the web. This is quite different from the real time study that showed only people with great skills felt free to participate in online games. The effect of positive outcomes does not imply that negativeRead MoreGroup Dynamics And Work Teams1394 Words   |  6 PagesDynamics and Work Teams, the new concept that was taken from it was the model of Group Development. As a professional engineer, I have been a part of multiple teams that were given the task of creative projects. As every project experiences their different problems, ours did the same. The teams were successful in the end, but of course, the journey to those successes were extremely difficult. Through the tough patches of the projects, the model of group development would have helped the team to effortlesslyRead MoreMulticultural Education And Communication Issues1463 Words   |  6 Pagesresearch carried out by Allen in 2013, students that are mostly affected academically normally come from the minority communities. Racism involves unfair criticism, discrimination, refutation, bullying and many more issues and it does not involve students only but also teachers and school employees who are from different communities or from minority communities. Communication is another issue that affects schools although it is associated with multicultural education issues that affect schools. For instanceRead MoreWhy Television Is The Extension Of Human Senses Along With Walter Benjamins Reproduction Of Art1346 Words   |  6 Pagesjust news and silent films to soap operas, cartoons, music videos and other types of informational and entertainment things which influences us positively and negatively. Theories Marshall McLuhan, who was a Canadian communication theorist, was very much interested in technology and how it shapes the advanced modern society. His very famous theory was â€Å"the medium is the message† which means that the resource used or mode through which they are presenting shows the message, not really the content

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Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya Essay - 1652 Words

Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya Children believe what their parents tell them but as they get older they start to question that which used to be unquestionable. Bless Me, Ultima is a novel by Rudolfo Anaya about a young Chicano boy, Antonio Juan Marez y Luna, who is growing up and seeing the world for how cruel it really is. A wise old curandera, or faith healer, Ultima, arrives just before Tony receives his first glimpse into the world of men. Ultima gives Tony spiritual healing throughout the book, as well as advice to keep him in harmony with nature and his spirit. The more Tony sees of death in the little town of Guadalupe, New Mexico, the more he questions the Christian God and turns towards the golden carp, a pagan god of†¦show more content†¦By growing up and becoming a man, boys witness acts of sin and commit a few acts themselves. Tony has witnessed sin but he is not a man because he has not committed any sins or seen enough to really understand the world he is living in. Tony is taught that, ?It was a sin to grow up and be a man.; (31), by listening to his mother, and realizes that one day he would be grown up and lose his innocence to become a man. Because of this Tony sees how cruel God can be by putting boys on earth to grow up and become men. Tony asks whether his destiny and faith are the ones he wants to believe in and begins his journey towards changing his spiritual beliefs, and the golden carp only reinforces these doubts that Tony is just beginning to realize. The next step in Tony?s spiritual journey begins when Tony sees another god and wonders whether this god is any kinder to his people than God. Tony believed that God should have forgiven Narciso for his sins and not Tenorio because Tony was partial to Narciso. God is not partial and when he gives forgiveness to one man he must also give it to another, but Tony does not like this. God?s response was ?I will...if you also ask me to forgive Tenorio.; (173) Tony can?t believe that his God would think of forgiving an evil man like Tenorio. Once Narciso dies and Tony sees the beauty of the golden carp Tony starts to wonder even more whether God is really as good and wonderful as Tony has been taught he is. Tony starts toShow MoreRelated`` Bless Me, Ultima `` By Rudolfo Anaya983 Words   |  4 PagesRudolfo Anaya, author of â€Å"Bless Me, Ultima†, uses countless examples of folk-lore all throughout his novel. In doing so, he gives his readers great insight to the Mexican-American c ulture of the 1940’s during World War II, and how different the culture is than how most people are raised. The folk-lore Anaya used most effectively throughout â€Å"Bless Me, Ultima† is; the whole idea of growing up and becoming a man, beliefs of witchcraft, children losing their innocence and the characters religious beliefsRead MoreBless Me Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya1463 Words   |  6 PagesB. Reyes 1 Bless Me Ultima Rudolfo Anaya L.A.P. Topic #4 Bairon Reyes Luna Mr. Amoroso Pd. 3 A.P. Literature 09/25/17 B. Reyes 2 In our hesitant humanly efforts to accept the ultimate fate, we find a painful truth, an agonizing indisputable fact that our lives must end, the way good days ends with peaceful sleep. Wistfully, we fail to discern the ironic beauty that is hidden, as we scramble to understand the superficial. This logical desire to understand its existence, and its necessity in our realityRead MoreBless Me Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya1730 Words   |  7 PagesBless Me Ultima Rudolfo Anaya Shaleah Mayo Topic 4 AP Literature Mr. Amoroso Period 1 What do you want to be when you grow up? A question that is always asked to a young child or young adult. You never truly know until you grow up and experience life for yourself. You live your life in search of what you like or don’t like; what you believe in or don’t believe in. Growing up and finding your way is something all children experience, but what if your way of life is already planned out forRead MoreBless Me Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya1380 Words   |  6 Pages Bless Me Ultima Topic #2 Abid Ahmad Abid Ahmad #1 An essential part of someone s life is a place where they are left alone with their own thoughts, not being judged by anyone or anything outside of them. In many cases, this sense of safety can only be found within themselves, because their world is being torn apart by outside influences that have little regard for their own perspective. Similarly, this is ever-present with Antonio and his family in the book Bless Me Ultima byRead MoreBless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya1002 Words   |  5 PagesIn the novel Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, Antonio matures a great deal for his age due to the violent actions he is surrounded by.   Ã‚  Ã‚   In the beginning of the novel the main character Antonio Marez, who was just six years old at the time, lives in a small town located in New Mexico. He lives with his parents, Maria and Gabriel, and two sisters, Deborah and Theresa. Tony also has three older brothers, but they are off fighting at War. During this time an older women by the name o f La GrandeRead MoreBless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya1361 Words   |  6 Pagescan expand our thoughts to a multitude of different subjects and force us to be a slave to our dreams, such as facing parental pressure, religious ambivalence and the loss of one s innocence. This is true of Antonio Marez in the novel Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. Antonio has lost control and begins to succumb to his dreams and loses control of himself. He battles his expectations given to him by his parents and also at the same time has another battle within himself. He is confused in whereRead More`` Bless Me Ultima `` By Rudolfo Anaya1109 Words   |  5 Pagesare, were and are destined to be. You re mind creates illusions that either further enhance your knowledge on what your purpose in life is or could make you fear it. Dreams are essentially part of the foundation of a persons life. Rudolfo Anaya in the novel Bless me ultima uses the concept of dreams to demonstrate the growth and the loss o f innocence Antonio faces from beginning to end. The dreams Antonio has throughout the novel symbolize parts of himself he has to let go of in order to understandRead MoreBless Me Ultima, By Rudolfo Anaya1646 Words   |  7 Pages Bless Me Ultima Bless Me Ultima Author: Rudolfo Anaya LAP Topic 5 Written by : Jason Gutierrez Personal ideologies provide an aspiration for a fools paradise. That endeavor contrived a blindness that makes their perfect world, someone else’s ordeal. Individuals might convoke others for guidance to an explicit ambit to discover their own dogma. However, humanity has a type of ignorance in a sense that compels them to force their own beliefs onto others. Distinct mentalities collideRead MoreBless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya Essay1338 Words   |  6 PagesMiguel de Unamuno once said, â€Å"Faith which does not doubt is dead faith.† This quote embodies a key element that is explored in the novel Bless Me, Ultima written by Rudolfo Anaya. While reading the Chicano novel Bless Me, Ultima, the reader may begin to question Tony’s reliance on this faith. Tony spends most of the novel questioning God’s reasoning. He also takes a very keen interest in the complexities of the world that surrounds him. While this novel does revolve around the theme of soul-sea rchingRead MoreBless Me Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya1477 Words   |  6 Pagesbrought us into this world? Parents have a tendency to be extremely involved in every step of our lives as they have the right to do so but is it in their jurisdiction to control who we are and who we want to become? In the novel Bless Me Ultima by the author Rudolfo Anaya the debate of how much jurisdiction a parent has over their children is brought up within the reader. In the novel which is told from the perspective of the character Antonio, Antonio’s parents known as Maria and Gabriel have set

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Question: Discuss About The Development Of Restful Mashup Application? Answer: Introduction As the GE has decided to use the SOA therefore it is important to determine the computing, storage infrastructure design management, data as well as application integration to have a unified view of the data collected from multiple data sources and are stored in different formats. The different sections of this report consist of discussion about the probable solutions for the storage design, data integrations that will help them in improving the processes that requires data collected from sources. Computing and storage infrastructure design As the organization is operating at different locations and requires a distributed computing and storage solution for all its IT needs. Thus, considering cost and effectiveness of different solutions it can be stated that, the organization should use rented services from the cloud services. The reasons behind this can be stated as the storage and the computing power of public clouds are available on internet. In addition to that, the service providers provide technical expertise for the deployment thus in other words the public clouds are easy to deploy. The public cloud service providers operate at quite good speed due to the optimization provided by the providers, which is also alluring to some enterprises. Thus require lesser amount of time is required for deployment. The services as well as resources are accessible quickly that saves time for the organization which may be required to develop and deploy the private cloud solution. In addition to that the adoption of the public cloud for the organization frees the organization from the responsibilities of maintaining the software and hardware systems. This maintenance is managed by the service providers. The IT staffs of the organization does not have to manage the cloud framework. No long term agreements are required for service providers. Most of the cloud service providers provides their services depending on the pay-as-you-go models. Thus the operation have to pay according to their usage of computing resources and storage. In addition to that, the organization will get more resources whenever they require it for their business. Thus the public gives the organization more flexibility to the organizations to manage the resources and storage as per their requirement. With all this advantage there are certain issues that needs to be kept in mind while renting some public cloud service. One of the most important issues that should be checked is the reliability of the services. As the data centres of the service providers are less secure compared to the private clouds. Application/service integration The organizations consist of numerous applications or systems that are used by different departments of the organization, which provides different services required every day the organization relies upon to complete their day to day business operations. This applications or systems may be licensed from a third party vendor or developed in-house. Thus, integration of this system or applications are important in better coordination of different operations of different departments of the organization. Mashups are one of the best example of application integration on the internet. This type of web application is capable of bringing together numerous sources of data in order to form and represent some unique combination of meaningful data. In this project a google map mash up application is developed which will help in finding and plotting marker on the location of the clinics that are provided in the merged data source clinic_location.csv. The RESTful web service will be responsible for retrieving a Json object containing the location details as well as other details about a clinic in a specific region. This mashup application will use ajax calls in order to mark the location using a marker on the google map. In order to map a specific location on the google map, it is important to know the specific longitude and latitude of that area or location. This mash up or integrated applications are important for following reasons, Interoperability- It is the most important aspect of the application integration. Various modules of the employed infrastructure may be deployed on different data formats, operating systems as well as programing languages thus may prevent connection for other services using a standard interface. Data integration for the different applications or systems- For any distributed, and modular system used in the organization, a standard process for handling the data flow between different applications is important as it enforces consistency across the database or the format of the data that is used by different applications. Stability, Scalability and Robustness- This three attributes acts as vital factors that impacts on the performance of the system modules that holds the infrastructure. The integration of the applications must be stable, robust as well as scalable to meet the requirements of the organization. Information integration Presently there are mainly three approaches are used for data integration. Which are, schema integration, procedural approach and lastly the query oriented approach. In case of the schema integration based approach, input to this process is a pool of data sets. Every data set is constituted by actual data and a schema that defines the structure of the dataset. The main goal is to deliver a reconciled and unified view of the collected data from the different sources. This process does not interfere into the autonomy of the datasets as well as their sources. This process deals with the read-only integration of the data. Therefore, this a reconciled view of the unified dataset is only used for answering user queries and not for updating the records. In case of the procedural approach, data collected from different sources are integrated in an ad-hoc manner according to the set of predefined information needs of an organization or user. In procedural approach the integration of data is dependent on the two components mediators and wrappers. Wrappers are useful in encapsulating the sources of the data. In addition to that it also helps in the conversion of the core data objects into some common data model. The mediators are required in obtaining information from a single or multiple wrappers. The mediators can obtain or extract data from other mediators. After this stage the mediators refines the obtained information by resolving conflicts among the different pieces of information collected from numerous data sources. The refined data is then provided to either to the other mediators or to the users. The last approach is query-oriented approach. In this approach, the goal is modeling of the collected data at the sources by using some suitable language. This can be extended SQL or some kind of declarative logic-based language. In order to build a unified representation or view of the collected data and refer to such a demonstration at the time of querying any global information system. In addition to that deriving query answers by using some suitable mechanisms to access accessing the data sources or to the materialized views of the unified data. Demo introduction For this project there are two data files (clinic.csv and another is location.xml) are available that needs to be cleaned, merged and integrated to get some meaningful data. As two data files are in different formats. Therefore, we used xml, sys and Petl packages in Python. We first converted the xml file into csv data set so that it can be used with clinic.csv file. We used following code snippet for this conversion of the dataset. import petl as etl from xml.dom import minidom, Node import sys def scanNode(node, file=sys.stdout, level = 0): if node.hasChildNodes(): for child in node.childNodes: scanNode(child, file, level + 1) else: if node.nodeValue.strip() != "": file.write(node.nodeValue + ',') if node.nodeType == Node.ELEMENT_NODE: if node.hasAttributes(): file.write(node.attributes.item(0).nodeValue + ',') if level == 2: file.write("n") DOMTree = minidom.parse('locations.xml') file = open('locations1.csv', 'w') file.write("Name,Suburb,Lat,Lonn") scanNode(DOMTree, file) file.close() table1=etl.fromcsv('locations1.csv') print (table1) table2=etl.fromcsv('clinics.csv') print (table2) table=etl.join(table1,table2,key='Suburb') print (table) etl.tocsv(table,'clinic_locations1.csv') after the merger the cleaned data looks like following, In order to get results from the RESTful web service demo, at first we have to execute the clinic program using any python IDE so that the web service can retrieve the data from the clinic_locations.csv data file. The successful execution of the web service server is shown below, After the web service is started, mashup application needs to be launched which is the clinic_map.html. on this page the user needs to input a postal code in which they want to find the clinic. If the web service finds any matching data in the merged csv file that consist the similar postal code, then the web service returns a JSON data object to the mashup application which then consumed by the application to plot a marker on the google map. Conclusion The system and data integration is important in the present scenario for the organizations and users as this integration of applications are helpful in providing a unified view of the data collected from numerous sources and formats. The web service application and the mashup application developed in this project is helpful in providing a unified view about the different details of the clinic on the map. References Erlingsson, U., Xie, Y., Livshits, B. and Fournet, C., Microsoft Corp, accounting.Enhanced security and performance of web applications. U.S. Patent 8,677,141. Lin, H.Y. and Huang, J.L., 2014, August. A Web API Aggregation Service for Mobile Mashup Applications. InIntelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIH-MSP), 2014 Tenth International Conference on(pp. 73-76). IEEE. Zhang, F., Hwang, K., Khan, S.U. and Malluhi, Q.M., 2016. Skyline discovery and composition of multi-cloud mashup services.IEEE Transactions on Services Computing,9(1), pp.72-83.